10 Essential Services for Any Startup

A startup needs to focus on just its core business. You should outsource everything that's not unique to your startup. Reinventing the wheel is costly and will inevitably give you worse performance.

We composed a list of the 10 services we couldn't think about making a startup without, here they are:

  • Use crisp.im for live chat. This will allow your customers to get in touch with you quickly. For a startup, that's invaluable. This will also serve as a CRM.
  • For design use Figma. It will massively simplify your design to development workflow, and both your designers and your developers will thank you.
  • Hotjar to see how your customers are using your product. This will help prove or disprove your theories about what's working and what's not.
  • Use one of these to manage your team: Asana, Jira, monday.com.
  • Try Discord for inter-company communication
  • Mailchimp is great for mailing lists.
  • Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics and a must for every website. I hope I don't have to explain why!
  • WordPress. Yep, you should use it, if you need a blog that's the way to go. WP has so many optimizations for blogs that it just doesn't make sense to use anything else. Definitely don't implement your own custom one!
  • Unbounce or Wix for your landing pages. What? Did you want to implement your own? You better have a good reason!
  • Monitoring. As you make lots of changes often, your website will often be down. Using an uptime monitor will ensure you know the minute it happens. You can check out UpTimeLine for that!

Of course, you should use GSuite, AWS, Sendgrid, but I feel like those are pretty obvious.

Finally, if you'd like to share your metrics with the world, and maybe get a tiny marketing boost you should check out BareMetrics!