Healthy Web Sites: 5 Steps to Checking Your Website's Uptime

If you're not monitoring your website's uptime percentage, then you could be losing a lot of business. How do you know if your site is up or down? You can't just rely on the alerts that some companies send out when their servers are having an issue! In this blog post, we will discuss steps to checking whether or not your website is online and its uptime percentage.

Pick your favorite Uptime Monitoring service

There are lots to choose from. UpTimeLine offers 50 monitors for free, forever.

Register and log in

Every uptime monitoring service has a registration process. UpTimeLine requires an email address and password. The email you use will be the one receiving notifications when your website goes down!

Create your monitor

Just like registering, every uptime monitoring service has a setup process. Here you'll have to provide the URL of your site.

  • When in doubt, just use their selections for everything!

  • You can also opt to customize the uptimes frequency and notification preferences

Wait a while

The uptime monitoring service will now monitor the website. The longer the monitor has been up, the more accurate the uptime statistic is, so give it a day before looking at your uptime!

Keep checking your uptime

Your uptime can change with every change to the code, or even with updates on the server. Keep the monitor running and you will always know the uptime of your website!

UpTimeLine is free for up to 50 monitors.

If you need more than that, pricing starts at $5 per month for up to 250 monitors and goes up from there according to the number of monitors and extra features.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for UpTimeLine and monitor your website uptime today!