A guide to monitoring a Wordpress site for free

Should you monitor your wordpress site? And why?

Usually the reason for monitoring a service is simple: you wouldn't want your store's "open" sign to randomly change to display "closed". Similarly you don't want to surprise your customers with an error page when they try to access your website.

If you have a stable stream of visitors to your site, you should be monitoring it.

If you monetize your stream of visitors, you should be monitoring your site.

If you want customers to return to your website, you should be monitoring it.

What can possibly happen if I don't monitor my site?

For example, your hosting provider may be receiving unexpectedly large amounts of traffic from other clients, and as a result your website's performance too may be inpacted, even to the point of your website not responsing at all.

In the best case, the downtime could last for a few minutes, but sometimes this can happen for hours on end.

Other potential causes of downtime for wordpress sites can be automatic updates that sometimes break, unexpectedly high traffic, untested changes and more.

By monitoring your site, you'll know your site is having difficulties the moment it happens. You'll be notified immediately through your faorite media (email, sms, etc.).

How does monitoring work?

An uptime monitor tries to connect to your website every few mintues, and makes sure that your website is there to respond.

If for any reason your website doesn't respond, it will immediately notify you so that you can act to fix the issue.

How much does monitoring cost?

Monitoring a single wordpress website is free with most uptime monitoring providers. With UpTimeLine you can monitor up to 50 wordpress websites completely free.

If you want to get started, head over to the registration page and create your account free of charge.