How to monitor an HTTP POST request for free

On UpTimeLine you can set up an HTTP POST monitor for free. You can specify an HTTP request body and as many HTTP headers as you like. HTTP POST monitor creation dialog on UpTimeLine


You can get notified everytime your request starts failing, and when it starts succeeding again. You can get notified by email (SMS Coming soon, release planned by middle of June 2022).

Get an email to your inbox whenever your API breaks! Now you can truly relax!

POST request settings

The POST body field accepts any type of content, JSON or plain text, of arbitrary length. You can specify the content type immediately below the request body.

It is possible to set any number of custom HTTP headers. This can come in handy for authorization, or for simulating any kind of custom request.

General monitor settings

You may decide the frequency with which you'd like to make the request. The highest frequency available is every minute.

Response acceptance criteria

A series of response acceptance criteria are available for validating the HTTP response. You may set a regex to match the response body against. You can also customise the HTTP response status codes that count as a successful response. By default 200 to 299 and 302 are accepted as ok responses, but you can provide your own ranges!

Response acceptance criteria for HTTP monitors on UpTimeLine

Why would you monitor a POST request?

Monitoring a website's downtime isn't easy. Your website might be online yet your service might still not be working properly and you may be causing disruption to your clients and losing on business. By monitoring your API you are one step closer to making sure your service is working as expected.

Use case examples

  • monitor your API's login call with a pair of valid credentials and verify that login is successful
  • monitor your API's search call with a particular query to verify that a particular result is present
  • monitor a third party API to check when the stock quantity of a product falls to 0, or by contrast is replenished

Alternatives to UpTimeLine

A number of alternatives to UpTimeLine exist, although we differentiate for our feature-rich free plan. If you're curious, we particularly admire:

How many monitors can I have?

You may have up to 20 monitors for free!